Supreme 78: All-Play 4/8


The All-Play 4/8: Supreme 78 is a deluxe arcade controller for the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, and any 8-Bit computer or game console compatible with the classic Atari CX-40 joystick.   This controller delivers instant no-tools switching of the joystick's mechanical restrictor plate for totally authentic gameplay touch on both 4-way and 8-way joystick  games. Because the joystick is mounted at the center of the panel with a pair of feather-light Suzo-Happ arcade pushbuttons mounted on either side, this controller is totally ambidextrous at every moment.

Easy access for All-Play.  Simply lift the hinged control panel and turn the control wheel on the bottom of the joystick to switch between silky-smooth 4-way cornering in all Pac-Man-style maze games, as well as strong left-right positioning on games like Joust and the Space Invaders/Galaga/Phoenix family of horizontal shooters.  Or set the restrictor plate control wheel to 8-way to play any game where the player can shoot or move on a diagonal.

Supreme 78 brings new playability and excitement to classic Atari 2600 games. When used with an Atari 2600, Atari Flashback, or 8-Bit home computer, all four of the buttons fire exactly the same as the single red fire button on the classic Atari CX-40 joystick.  However, you can cancel your membership in the Numb Thumb Club, because these fire buttons are equipped with premium microswitches just like you remember from the arcades.

Supreme 78 transforms gameplay on great Atari 7800 games like Asteroids, Ballblazer, Centipede, Choplifter, Commando, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Food Fight, Galaga, Joust, and more.   The Suzo-Happ arcade pushbuttons deliver true left/right two-button controls just like the original Atari 7800 "Pro Line" controllers, but with none of the pain.

Easy to Play.  Supreme 78s are built in an 8" x 18" oak case that is stable on the table or happy in your lap, with the joystick and classic arcade fire buttons positioned for a natural wrist position on a factory-painted black steel punched plate control panel with ergonomic wrist support for maximum comfort during marathon gaming sessions.  Under the hood, all harness connections are soldered and heatshrink wrapped. The result is a controller to last a lifetime.  Cord length is approximately 5'6" (1.6m).

Your wish is our command!   Choose between a rainbow of colors for your joystick ball and pushbuttons, including the amazing gemstone balls in red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and smoke. Refer to the product images for views of the All-Play 4/8: Supreme 78 with the buttons labeled, then use the pull-down menus to make your color selections.


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Supreme 78: All-Play 4/8
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