Super Twin 78

Two Controllers in One = Twice the Fun!   The Super Twin 78 squeezes two complete Super 78 arcade controllers into one 14" aluminum enclosure for independent Player 1 and Player 2 gameplay on the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, and all of the 8-Bit home computers, as well as all the game consoles compatible with the classic Atari CX-40 joystick.  Controls include a pair of authentic Sanwa™ JLF-TP-8YT ball-top joysticks with octagonal restrictor plates, each flanked by an A-B pair of Suzo-Happ arcade pushbuttons, and each served by a separate 5'6" (1.6m) factory-molded game cord.  Because one set of controls is oriented to the left and the other to the right, you effectively have an ambidextrous controller during one player games - just select the control set that best fits that gameplay.

Cozy Co-op and Head-to-Head. The Super Twin 78 doubles the fun on the same long list of Atari 2600 and 7800 classics served by the single-player Super 78.  Especially fun is cozy cooperative and/or versus gameplay on Atari 7800 games like Asteroids, Ballblazer, Centipede, Dark Chambers, Joust, and Hat Trick, as well as head-to-head Atari 2600 games like Combat, Outlaw, and Space War, or the original head-to-head fighter - Activision's Boxing

Let's play Robotron 2084 The Super Twin 78 was really designed with one game in mind - the Atari 7800 port of the all-time-great Williams classic Robotron 2084.  Here the Super Twin 78 delivers two-joystick running and gunning  that is fluid and intuitive, just like the arcade masterpiece.  Do your part to smash the robot uprising with a Super Twin 78!

Easy to Play.  Super Twin 78s are built in an 8" x 14" sloped aluminum housing that is stable on the table or happy in your lap, with the joystick and classic arcade fire buttons positioned for a natural wrist position. Under the hood, all harness connections are soldered and shrink wrapped for maximum durability. The result is a controller to last a lifetime with the ability to replace joystick and pushbutton microswitches if they ever wear out.  Cord length is approximately 5'6" (1.6m).

Your wish is our command!   Customize your Super Twin 78 with rainbow of colors for your joystick ball and pushbuttons, including beautiful gemstone balls in red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and smoke.  Refer to the image below to clarify which button is which, then use the pull-down menus to make your color selections.

NOTE:  GoDaddy's shopping cart system could not handle all the options we can offer, so the "Button 2" pull-down menu offers only "white", "black", and "other" for each player.  If you want one of the six rainbow colors for either Button 2, choose "Other".  Next, check the box(es) marked "Button 2 - Other Color Choice" and then specify your choice of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple in the text box that will appear.


Edladdin controllers are built to order and usually take 3-4 weeks to ship. Sometimes we can get them out sooner, but there are various factors that can affect the time it takes to complete your order, so sometimes it takes us longer! You are welcome to call or email us for an update at any time.  You will also receive an email from the store with the tracking number as soon as your order has shipped. 

Shipping is calculated by the shopping cart using real-time pricing provided by the U.S. Postal Service (worldwide) and UPS (United States).  No additional handling or packaging fees are added.   We also have accounts with DHL and Fed-Ex. These couriers are consistently more expensive than using the USPS or UPS, however we are happy to utilize them if your situation requires it for delivery to your country.  Drop us an email if you have a special request.


PS: Edladdin very much hopes that the introduction of the Super Twin 78 will inspire some intrepid Homebrew programmer(s) to  port other two-joystick arcade classics to the Atari 7800, including Space Dungeon, Smash TV, and Total Carnage.

Here's a review of a Super Twin 78 by the No Swear Gamer:


Here's an unboxing video of a Super Twin 78 by G^Ray Defender:


Super Twin 78
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