Easy SMS Input/Output Board

The Easy SMS input/output board simplifies the process of making your own Sega Master System and Atari 2600 arcade controller by eliminating the need for a direct wiring harness. 

Instead, clearly-marked solder pads show you exactly where to connect the wires from your DB9 cord, your joystick, and two pairs of "left" and "right" fire buttons.  Solder pads are also correctly spaced for standard electronic pin headers, for use either as soldering posts or for making your controls detachable. 

There are even a pair of solder pads that provide access to the 5.0 VDC delivered by Sega Master System consoles for use in powering low-amperage LED illumination in fire buttons or your enclosure.  

The Easy SMS mounting holes are positioned to allow the board to directly attach to two of the four corner bolts on most arcade joysticks, or the board can be attached to the inside of the enclosure.  The result is virtually foolproof controller assembly with wiring that is easy to understand and looks great.  (Shown here is the Easy 78, which is the identical shape and size.)


Click here to download the Easy SMS instruction sheet. 


Note: The Easy SMS includes only the input/output board.  You must provide your own controls, DB9 cord, hook-up wire, and case.  

Our Game Controller Extension Cord makes an excellent DB9 cord.  Simply lop off the male end of the extension cord, then strip, twist, and tin the individual wires found inside.

Easy SMS I/O Boards
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